Priority, primacies



Simultaneously, the commotion of the species and its option of renovation are perceived.

Commotion: because of the consecutive, continued, persistent deterioration and destruction.

Renovation: for the need of the creative Universe in which we find ourselves, of remaking, reinventing, resuming… so as to show other facets; with another “performance”; in other levels of care.

“Now”, the way to be of the species is singular; which implies that there hasn't been before another singularity like this one. There have been plural situations, but, for the fact that the apparition of life is a singular event, exceptional, in its development it seems to present to us, “now”, a singularity that implies all of the beings that characterise life.

It is -this moment of the humanity's history- a moment of “uneasiness” of the Creation: it's uneasy. It's difficult to explain. Probably it doesn't have an explication, but it is a sensation -which is what the prayer transmits-: all of the Creation is uneasy. And, in being uneasy, all of the bio-diverse systems enhance! They -as if they were sleeping- they wake up, they notice!... that, what has happened, now has been accomplished; that not one more… repetition can be made.


Although, looked at closely, the repetition of events... Always has something of originality!


It’s tended to be considered, in the usual custom, to postpone: “well, this for tomorrow”; “this the day after”; “this for another one”, with... A certain hope!

When the postponing becomes long, the hope becomes short; and when the postponing becomes very-very long, the hope “disappears”.

You have to take good note of this praying sense:

“When the postponement is long, the hope is shortened; and, in continuation, the hope disappears”.

And it has already been settled that, this which had to be done, this that had to change, this that had to be said!, Now... Now isn’t appropriate. And one thing stops to be appropriate, and then another, and another... And!... And!...

In the global passing by, the hope “almost” disappears.

There is really... Rather a desperation that occupies this hopeful space. A desperation that is uncomfortable!; the lives from the continuous complaining and from the permanent justification!

Like this, the species stagnates; phagocytizes itself.


These usual habits, always with something of originality!, create a torrent that sweeps along; some manias grow; a senselessness advances!


And it's not about considering that they are bad processes, or sad, or... No! It's about trying to consider… if it is appropriate -for what has been lived until now- to let yourself go towards the decadent, the normal, the vulgar; and finish up considering that “this is what there is”, as if another version or perspective… didn't exist.

In an educated way I have to un-educated myself, if I want to come out of this torrent of pathetic vulgarity.


We have uncountable -let's say infinite- points of connection, inside the magma of this convulsive universe.

All... All of these points’ of contact -conscious or unconscious, sensitive or insensitive- are functioning... At the same time!

Imagine a spider's web –let’s put an easy example-. In the junctions where the lines of the web cross, do you think there is one junction that stops to take consciousness of the whole assembly? Or are they rather all are conscious -in the example that we put- of their position and importance? And they know that, if they lose the attention in this crossroads, the web will break. That is why they are all especially active, and like this maintain the spider’s web.

But let’s continue with the example! If one being -for curiosity or for meddling- falls into the spider’s web, in the place of impact a rapid and immediate reaction is produced... preferentially, with priority, which is transmitted immediately to the whole group. And it's like this how the spider notices that something has happened, and then, it employs its senses to decide what to do.

If we translate this to “the way to be”, to “the being”, we could notice that each conscious passing -each conscious passing- has... this vibration of a group –up to where we managed to understand or to comprehend or to feel-; and what's more, in one moment, a warning is produced, an alarm...

Are the firemen continually running around the city, looking for fires? No. they are in the fire station! When it appears, when it happens, when they are notified about the fire, then they go out promptly!, with their bells, their boots, and their helmets, to put out the fire. But they were conscious before, of the “warning”; conscious that they are going to be required.

And, surely, when there is a fire, all of the renowned people who were on guard duty this day: climb into their brilliant, red and spectacular fire engines... and go quickly to the fire.

-One question...

-Yes. Tell me.

-Him... The firemen... is there one fireman that, taking advantage that he goes towards the fire in Meneses Street, he stops to buy some sardines and some tins of beer for when the fire is finished?

-But what are you saying!?

-Yes, well!, as he is passing by there...

Also -also-, a little bit before arriving to the fire, there is a friend who lives there. What does it cost you!, If that is... Nothing! You go upstairs for a short moment and say: hey!, I’m going to a fire, and as I was passing by here, I wanted to say hello. What a gesture, no?


It seems to be that this doesn't happen. I say “it seems”like because... who knows!

There is a priority, there is a warning that -careful!- No, no, that doesn’t disconnect from other connections. Like this is... one of the ways to enter into other considerations; to come out of this sweeping torrent; of not prolonging so much the waiting... And that the hope is lost.

Yes, but... from being a fireman -to carry on with the example-, or from the spider, I become the firemen; and from firemen, suddenly, I have to be... a Computer!

Ah! Is there priority? Is it necessary that we specially activate -for the needs of the script- the computer? Yes. So now now you are a computer.

But you haven’t stopped to be... Eufrasio or Golinda.

Evidently, this is nonsense, but it is… indispensible. Do you see how all of these elements are active? It's indispensible to be able to remember and to be able to continue with this culminating moment in which we have passed through, of being a spider’s web, to be a computer.

The web: so active, so invisible, so subtle; and the computer, so boring, so hard, so... so there.

-So, now we are not firemen?

-Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Also we continue to be firemen!, But... The priority, the movement in this instance, in this moment...

About this you have to take a lot of care! Because there are people who like the spider’s web, and they stay in the spiders webs; and finally they live in an attic, waiting that one piece falls... and they die trapped in the web being spiders. Of course!, this is an important... moment!, which has to be taken into account

Others become firemen forever! And so -effectively-, instead of waiting to be needed, well they dedicate themselves to running through the city and finish up being pyromaniacs. They need the fire.

Others convert into a computer, and there they command… and they review all of the films of the world, and they become obsolete in their knowledge and in their capacities, and finish up being orderly ordered -that that's to say, closed down-; because they don't renew!, Because they don't recycle!, Because they follow a program.

This warning is important for when the priorities appear -and they always appear- you have to give them the adequate course. To not neglect the infinite connections, that are active! Because, if we neglect, we stay trapped in this priority.

Yes! Maybe now the priority is... to study and study and study! Yes. But remember you have friendships; remember you have working relations... or artistic ones. Remember it! Don't become such a student that you convert into a talking book, and you only speak in relation to the book that you have read.

“And he was left without ideas because... he neglected his other circuits to the point that he forgot them!”

But, careful! We're not faced with a weighing scale in which everything has to weigh the same! No! Absolutely not! We are always in a discordant reality, if we want to come out the destructive torrent. “A discordant reality!”

This makes that the weighing scales move!; they don't stay still.

We go jumping from absolutes to absolutes, being absolutely convinced that we belong to an immense and infinite web of connections; of contacts. All of those could become, in any moment, priorities.

And if they are duly exercised, we know how to take notice of the calls, of the warnings, of the unison. And like this, to not fall into the static, into the rigidness... that absorbs them like a priority.


At the same time -and this is a strategy- at the same time as we attend to... priorities that unbalance us, we are also awake to connections and relations that suppose the same importance -but in distinct moments!- as the priority that in this moment we have.


In this culture of humanity, of “specialists”, of “professional-ists”, it is easy to become trapped and, as a runner without return, pass to become one more particle of the great destructive torrent; when it seemed like I was going to be a revealing element!...

And the “professional-ist”, and the specialist, recoil and gather themselves in their knowledge of arms, of biochemistry, of singing, of... They make a micro-world in where is not known about the festivities of the virgins of Swaziland -for example-... Or the existence of a sun similar to ours, at 4500 million light years from here -more or less close to us-, but that is much older than ours.

Without doubt, you don't have to know everything -nor pretend to-, but yes, when the specialization becomes “absorbing”, the Universal option is lost. The other points -these other points- disappear.

They can’t come out from this place. He is a specialist in gallbladder stones. He is incapable of thinking that a hurting heart... could provoke a burning colic. No! He knows how to purify, clean, takeaway... the gallbladder, but don't tell him anything more, please! Don't distract him. Also he doesn't know anything about music, nor about beer, nor wine, nor social relations -no-. He is rather reclusive. He has the form of the gallbladder: his head has deformed... and his penis invaginates.

-What a barbarity!

-Well, well!... “Barbarity”... It's obvious you haven't travelled a lot.


Prioritise yourself... without disconnecting from the realities that encircle us, close by or a long way away.

It's like that mother that, when she's in the moment of rearing, she hijacks herself with her child, and ignores and deactivates all of her relations! Little by little she becomes an insupportable mother! The child inevitably grows... And little by little will hate more and more its mother.

It is “the complex of hate”. Because exists the “Oedipus complex”, the “Electra complex” yes, but Freud forgot to say “the complex of hate”, this arachnid Mother that makes, of her life, the breastfeeding. And it has finished a long time ago! Now, she doesn't even have breasts, but she carries on, tangled up!

She forgot... -when she was in a maternal state- she forgot to listen to music!, She forgot to attend to her partner!, She forgot… and parted from so many things!, the unique sense of her life was the child. It's so much like this!, that not even she noticed that the child Grew... And changed voice! Hah!

No! For her, it continued to be -and it is said like this!, Right?- It continued to be “her baby”. So smooth!, so beautiful!, so enchanting! She stayed there, trapped in the spider’s web. And it continued to be the sense of her life; everything else now didn’t have value. She will wait for the arrival of the grandchildren to... to remember old times.

Little by little, the wrinkles... and the deterioration of having as her universal sense! Hijacked,–Ay!- has destroyed her.


Yes, certainly, it's easy to stick to the torrent and to deteriorate little by little, and to follow what there is -this is what there is!; Nothing more!- Because, “why complicate yourself”, why do you have to add things. Already everything is said!

But, if you opt towards other perspectives –the unbalance, the primacy, the priority-... the movement of the universe and of attention... of listening... to necessary calls so as not to get stuck in the slavery of any situation; and give it the necessary and just priority!... So as not to fall into the hijacking!

It's like this that... in this convulsive universe, you can choose! -this is the praying sense of today- towards other realities, knowing how to combine adequately, all of our amplified connections of consciousness, with the priorities and the primacies that suppose each moment.

The instant of the being and the being of the humanity, now, requires... a decided answer. To postpone it... is to begin to diminish the hope.



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