Come to pray



The prayer… could become, to pray -as an expression of the Creation, of the relation of the human being with all that is created-, it could become a routine that alleviates, that soothes, that makes something better… the particular hedonism of the particular problems, of the particular conflicts, of the particular situations that particularly each particular has.

Here we have to be… –the prayer indicates to us- alert; because, probably -without a conscious consciousness- we go to pray with all of the baggage of the personal problems… but, with the prominence of “my” life, “my” problem, “my” situation; in which case whatever other action will always be subjected to “my” problems.

And precisely in the praying moment, -precisely, for the praying one- is the moment of submission, of humbleness, of charity… Not of prominence! If not, easily –easily- in the same way as we began to pray, we culminate, we finish, and the subject continues with the same old story.

And what is the same old story? The bitterness.


The praying event is an event of liberation. It is a meeting of surprise! It is a meeting of happiness. It is a meeting of novelty! It is a meeting… where I meet with the Creation!; with the Divine sense of the mystery.

What personal importance can I develop there? What reclamation!... about my personal situation, can I propose?

In what position do I put this prayer? That stays almost like -Well!- one more act of protocol that has to be fulfilled: “because I think; because I believe; because it seems to me”…

It’s very easy to fall into this! And believe that… ok!: it’s like this; it’s like that! And, in fact, the majority of the times it happens like this.

Except for specific experiences -exceptions- not one religion, not one creed, not one philosophy, not one trait of creative relation, has managed to submit… -Not in the sense of dispute, not in the sense of combat-, submit, the being, to discover itself inside the Creation!; inside of an enfolding wrapping that intervenes!, that sustains!, that maintains!

Consciousness, has remained, absorbed in its own capacity… and does not discover!... the true dimension and the praying greatness: that there is the healthy, the hopeful, the new, the changeable, the mutant, the able. If not!, if it isn’t like this!, the subject continues with its requests, with its particularities, with its demands, with its premise’s, with its positions… With its… demands!


-“No; because I am like this, because…” “No; to me it seems...” “No, because in this moment I…” “Because…”

-Wait a moment!, Wait a moment. Do you know where you findyourself?

You find yourself in a very small place of the universe; miniscule! Do you know where you find yourself, inside the Creation…? Do you believe that you have some importance -you- as an entity inside the Creation? Do you believe that the Creation pays homage to you, and is on the watch for the demands that you propose… to be different from the rest and to acquire a personal category? Do you believe you are the only sufferer and the only desperate one and for that, you deserve that all of the world surrounds you and pays homage to you? From where did you get this theory?

Have you never looked at the sky, at night time? Have you never noticed!... the bitterness of those who don't eat!, of those who don't have a roof over their heads!, of those who are persecuted!, of those who are running away!, of those who are refugees!?; Those who barely pray… what they barely know, because of some religion that manipulated them, controlled them, dominated them, punished them…


To discover!... the praying experience, supposes -consequently- to dilute yourself in this Creation; in this Divine presence.

Let yourself be healed by the created!!, by the action of the Creation. Let yourself be impregnated… by the anonymous mystery that gives us the force!!, which gives us the breath!!...


Become smelted, in the praying word, with the created. Leave to one side… the heavy, the constipated, the hard!

Breathe the air of the Divine! Stop to breathe in a laboured way, so that in an intermingled way, become, main actors of what we believe.

In what do we believe? What is our belief?

In what does humanity believe? In what does each member of the humanity believe?; In its attainments, in its achievements, in its house, in its car, in its privilege, in its room? What the hell does it believe in!?

Later comes the veiled complaint towards the Creation; the veiled complaint and the evident interpretation that… for this or that or the other, he has been punished.

He alone has punished himself! He alone looked for it...


This point of haughtiness and pride in which each one feels with the power, the authority… to give orders, of commanding, of complaining, of demanding!... and to create a demanding “living together,” a “living together” of orders, a “living together” of obligation, a living together of... Of what? Of What?


Every living being is gestated by the Creation, for a need, but!... But, -without that this “but” serves as an inconvenience- but remember that“heaven treats the beings like straw dogs”. This is difficult to understand, but it is easy to notice that …-attention!- With me or without me!, with my competition or without my competition!... Life will continue! Life will be realised! Is it that I'm going to put conditions on life?


-Of course, but if I'm not there, what's going to happen?

-Don't you worry! Abandon your haughtiness, your vanity and your importance! If you are not there… you are not there! Where are you?... You're not there! And the sun... Continues to come out or the earth shows itself! Don't worry. It will be done! Everything that needs to be done will be done!


This position -so typical of the humanity- of indispensible, of important, which “has the right to”; and even “demands”!


The praying sense, in which we move, in which we are situated… positions us towards an encounter of amplified consciousness, which is… the breath, the support, the maintenance, the development, the clear vision!, of our doing.

Which dissolves our demands, our vanity, our imposition, our attitude of shouting?


Because sometimes it seems like... Sometimes it seems like that the Divinity itself asks us “please”...

Please! Do you want to listen!, Please! Do you want to learn!... I'm praying towards you!!?...

During years!, during forgotten times, since you existed!... I'm praying through you!... for you! And you, you listen to it with a certain interest or disdain, but later, you return once again with the despicable Gesture!, demanding!, imposing!, dominating!, And once again the Divine… asks you “please”!

But, what is this!?...

Yes. The Creation… gives us incredible demonstrations! It is so much so, that it seems to feed our ego or our vanity. But no! What it wants to show us… is that it has patience!, that it has perseverance!, that it believes in its created beings! And the human being usually return with: “Well.Now that you have trust in me, it's me who's in charge. It's me who commands. It's me who decides. It's me who imposes; it’s me who demands!”

With more or less foundation, with more or less… negative demands.

No! That's not life! No! Certainly, that is not life… the influence of personal power and the demands of a solid and maintained position is not life! “It is not life”. It is premature, rigid death. They are pieces of misery.

In reality, it is to usurp and put yourself in the position that… still is thought about what is the Divine, the Creator: the maximum power!

A Grave error!, A grave error of consciousness! Once and for all this unknown needs to be cleared up, which is not unknown!: that the Creative Force of the Divine is not a power!... If it exercised like the consciousness of power that each one has!, it would annihilate us every day. It would double us with pain! It would fill us with wounds. Make crazy… our mind.

Rather it is exactly the contrary!... -inside a rigorous mystery- but it is not power that surrounds us! And mankind interprets it like this and he tries to usurp it, tries to control it, and tries to impose it. He tries to feel and know that he could have advantages.


The praying moment is the moment to unfold… -like a street seller, like a… loving Pilgrim!- unfold our material. Unfold our blanket, to show our music, our film; so that it is aired out, so that it refreshes!; so that so many demands!, so much importance,! So much commanding!, is minimalized…


Our presentation in front of the prayer doesn't have a citizen's card. It doesn't have legality! We don't have documents! We are wandering beggars, on a forgotten planet!

We are pilgrims -in front of the prayer- that empty ourselves. We Let our Virtues be stimulated!, but… the merchandise that we carry, we know that it is not. But we have to shape it, sharing, explaining!...

Anybody has a complaint form? Anyone has a special Visa? Anyone could argue that they have had a revelation… that converted them -of course!- in boss, owner and Sir?


It's not about –and it's not about!- being a docile sheep that goes directly to the slaughterhouse!, without protesting. Nor is, the Divine Creation, a slaughterer that waits to liquidate us. That pursues us to punish us!

We have to be sufficiently brave to assume our Heavenly origin! And look forward!, above and towards whatever side!... with the conscious gratefulness -conscious!- That I am alive; Alive with grace!, with resources that they have given to me! And those that I believe that I have achieved, really, if I guess them, I would notice that… so much they have helped me!, that they don’t belong to me.

Life is brave!, happy!, complacent, shared!, combined, mixed!...


Still it seems… as if mankind has not noticed that they give us the air that we breathe!, they give us the water that we drink!, they give us the Earth that we tread!, they give us the day and they give us the night! Such simple things!, right? Is there any human being capable of gestating his own resources, individually, for himself and isolated? On the other hand, the behaviour is usually like this.

These so simple things that they give us, maybe for the simple fact of being born in one place… and not in the other!

What a coincidence!, right?

-Ah!, the coincidence, is true!


Yes. We have been -as humanity- those who have corrupted the hunger… until converting it into misery! Yes. It has been us -the humanity- who have contaminated the water, and damaged the air that we breathe. Nevertheless... –nevertheless!-… it renews, it remains, it's there…

Not even, these elements, which are so necessary: we recognise them as “normal” and “our own”. Of course!, we don't... We don't think about he who is in a cell of 2x2! Also, not in those who have no access to water; and even less!, to a daily meal; and even less a “dignified” treatment!

We should have, to at least think in this. And at least!, discover ourselves as “privileged”. And in this privilege, assume the prayer as a true “remedy”: The medium through which I become sound, I become fluid, I become an adventurer, I become a lover!... And assume to transform myself and convert myself, each day, in another dimension. Later… I will stay here, there or over there!, I will assimilate this or the other… but I will have given -I will have given- my true position of being alive and in love! I would have given my testimony -obvious and clear- of my disposition.

It could be -It could be- now, the time to be in unison with the position, with the disposition, with the place… in where I could be without disputing, without judging, without punishing…

Decidedly clear.

Knowing to be with the option of the praying originality, with the option, with the possibility to… discover myself in front of the created!

All of the living beings are privileged for the fact of living, but when they reclaim privileges, the convert into waste. Because they make it at the cost of the rest! Because they haven't taken sufficiently into account the disposition, the nature of a life that does takes into account each being!; that gives them resources and possibilities!... to grow its consciousness and become dignified!

When I am before the praying greatness I can´t shield myself in my personal situation. Open this personal situation! And let it be influenced, let it be seen with each praying word!


To come to the prayer with our own demands, with the need of achieving or getting, is pure vanity. It can’t go far.

And repeating: maybe it is the moment to let yourself be -let yourself be- impregnated by the transcendence of the prayer. And, leave behind those moments of the importance of my events: of my influence, of my ability and my capacity to achieve, to have, to be…

Maybe, this now has passed!... or, maybe now it has to pass!... or, maybe this –here- should never happen.

Maybe… now has arrived the moment...




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