Life is maintained by a solidary affection


The saying is expressed like this: "Necessity forces." And certainly, when the being is in need of help, of unity, of participation, he is "forced" -here that word would be very questionable- to look for attitudes, gestures, participations, developments, adaptations... That if you didn’t have those needs, you wouldn’t be forced to activate your resources.

If we seek -based on this pattern- something more universal, we could say that, evidently, we are beings in need. I think there is no doubt. Some people will need more, others will need less, but everyone has their need, which is why he has come: because the world needs him.

And to fulfil his mission he needs to participate, to do, to contribute, to collaborate, and to listen!...

Life is not made up of spectators! It is an unusual befall of participations!

When the being adopts the position of spectator, he inhibits himself in his duty, he becomes a judge, develops prejudices, becomes a continuous critic and creates the permanent suspicion, in others, of feeling scrutinized.

The spectator tends to live on the discredit of others. Well, what he considers discredit. He does not show his project, he does not explain his participation, and he does not clarify his presence.

The need that the being has of universes, of mysteries, of incorporating all that is offered to him to fulfil his mission... must prompt him to a clear participation, to an obvious commitment.

But it happens that, in most cases, according to the phrase: "It is not my problem", "no es mi problema" -and since it's not my problem, it is nobody's problem, even if you do not know what a problem is-, in any situation it tends, in today’s human doing, to be a spectator.

"It's not my problem... I have enough with my own problems".

And so, an unsupportive chain is established, 'non participatory', desolately silent, as if trying to emulate the divine silence. Amazing!...

But true.

We are the parliament of Creation; that, in its eloquent, evident grandiosity, it uses the verb of silence, but, in its creative action, it creates creatures, life!, which expresses itself and expresses!... that origin of Mysterious befall.

And so, affections, emotions, surprises, discoveries, the sensitive moments... become expression; they become Samples of Creation.

But if the being adopts a position of spectator... his own part remains unfinished. And to the extent that his part remains unfinished, leaves others unfinished.

Because each one depends on everyone. Because life is maintained by a supportive affection of attraction needed.

"Because life is maintained by a solidary affection".

The current human community has an unbridled effort to show its power and its destructive capacity. It has an unbridled effort to make us see the implacable need of suffering. It has an obsessive need... to show us death as the true meaning of life.

Today’s human community is asking us for an individualistic participation of being protagonist, of radicalism, of judgment, of prejudice!, with an inability to listen, and only ego-idolatrically concerned, each individual, for him, for him, for him...

The others do not count.

Thus, any incident that doesn’t agree with his, with his, with his… is a reason for violence of thought, word or deed!

The meaning of life is living, and its exercise is the complaisant service based on our capabilities, resources... and needs that the environment implies.

Beings of life conceived in complaisance, towards complaisance...

The road to infinity is not deterioration, it is not the stumbling...; it is the amplification of our consciousness above our preferences, to reach the loving sense of life... which, on the basis that it serves lovingly, receives, in reciprocity, in abundance.

On the basis that it serves lovingly, it receives, in reciprocity, in abundance.

We are witnessing a state of continuous ailments, instead of being in a state of infinite complaisance.

And what is more worrying: it has not been missed, but rather -by the chronicity of the process of permanent selfishness-, the "normal" has become the decadence, the deterioration, where "anything goes!"

The care, respect, participation, supportive solidarity, clarification, acceptance... seem to be old relics from other times or other speculations.

When man already manages to materialize any illusion, and "bread is bread" and that is, nothing more, and "wine is wine" and no more... he loses that Eucharistic vision of bread as "body", of wine as "blood”. It loses the halo of fantasy, of poetry, of verse.

And yes, yes, yes. Yes I can see an emotion converted into protons, with neurotransmitter interaction. Yes. I can see it. But what do I see? The cause, the origin of that emotion? Or the consequences of that emotional immateriality... that gives the creative consciousness of life?

Yes; there is sufficiently material explanations -without the slightest hint of the sigh, of the breath- as to give a globalized explanation of any event.

It seems that matter was the beginning, the origin, the structure... and the songs did not exist, the birds were silent, and there is no longer the murmur of the rodent or the happy race of the hare. Needless. Everything has its explanation... that is sought tirelessly to justify the domain, control, command and, perhaps not too long, to be humanity, the human being, the creator of life; the 'conceiver'.

How long will it take for the texts to say that man, in the beginning, created heaven and earth, and put the moon as a star to dignify the days? And in a boast of generosity he created the water, and with it he showed off his daily hygiene. And made it drinkable and 'undrinkable', negligible.

And as was necessary, he created the slaves who consumed, who spent, who extend across every day so that, the lords, the wise, the plenipotentiary thinkers could continue with their task of organizing and creating the world in their own way.

It may seem like fiction but, without going too far, recently a president of a country said that God really was an imbecile, as the culmination of a conference in which he proposed to kill the bishops because they were useless. President Duterte, of Philippines, today is another example among others that, with complacency, the world contemplates, as if it were a guide to follow. His cleaning of customs already has a trail of more than 9,000.

It's an example.

Some of them do it in a big way, like him, permitted by all. Others, anonymous of everyday of each day, do it justly covered by: "I didn’t do it. It not my problem"…

That carefree participation and easy access to the sentence of others facilitates more and more, a permissiveness... that has as its triumph, to end life.

Yes, certainly, this whole process can be very alarming, but as Islam says "God is great!", and shows us through tiny incidents the greatness of the deterioration of which one is capable.

Just a few milligrams of enriched uranium -milligrams- are capable to raze cities to the ground and death. So small! So little!

So, if we do not amplify the small, if we do not hear the swallowing of the woodworm on the beam that holds the floor, the ceiling, the wall, we will soon see ourselves in a drama, in a collapse!

The woodworm was so small!... But it weakened the structures, and one day they couldn’t stand any longer. And the walls and ceilings fell on the people, and the floors sank.

Then the lament would come, then the crying would come, then the rule would come: to end up in the cemetery or in the incinerated collapse of the irretrievably irremissibly.

It seems... -perhaps in this exaggerated approach- that the repair is urgent, the movement towards other senses, the pulchritude of each moment!, the implacable and impeccable flexibility, searching for references!... in which life as such can affiliate, and not the life that is prepared for death.

We long for the life that prepares to live!; that adores exaggeratedly the perfume of a flower, the colour of a sunrise, the ecstasy of sunset, the unapproachable of the night!...

Surely it is too much to ask, in today’s coordinates, to reorient the directions, to amplify the visions, to listen to the suggestions… Maybe it is too much to ask, today, to rectify, to correct, to clarify, to promote, and to trust!!... in something or in someone else than oneself -which ends up by failing quickly.

And one ends up by failing quickly when one only trusts in our own perception, because we are not One, we are All. We are not one, we are All.

Undoubtedly, for the ruling individualism, to say this is exaggerated!; almost a barbarity. But certainly "not a single hair of the skin moves without the consent of the Creation of Life, of the Creator Mystery".

Thus, to arrogate the personal independence, the arrogance of "I am like this", the obstinate obsession to impose our own criteria, only leads us to the cemeteries.

We all need each other; we need to realize our mystery.

Not a single detail -not a single detail!- is unnecessary.

Everything counts, everything is valid in the eternal composition of life.

It does not admit sales, or instalments, or loans, or mortgages. Everything up front, so that it can be told without history!... and it can be evident with the testimony.

That is life.




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