Call to the service of virtue, to increase solidarity


And humanity has been building its evolution on its talents that in comparison with the environment were noticeably different. Different. And that difference was expressed through control, cheating, lying, violence, power…

Throughout the vital exercise of the species, it has opted to exercise that predominance over the entire environment and over itself.

And in that sense it is and it goes. And in that sense of being and going, as a species is deteriorating, since the exercise of powerful violence is a permanent genesis of losers and resentments; resentful losers who are at the disposal of revenge... And thus they are gestating cycles of alternation of power but carrying as their "banner" the legitimate use of prohibiting, punishing, persecuting, controlling, dominating.

And thus, every stratum, from the most complex to the individual living in a community, also echoes this style.

There is a species call that shows us a reference index, according to which its reproductive capacity has been shown, clearly and decidedly, to be increasingly low. To the extent that... it is predicted that in the near future –2050 for example- the number of… –very feared- 10 billion inhabitants will not be reached.

It continues to grow, but gradually –to a certain extent gradually- slowing down, and with it flattening out, and consequently decreasing.

And when a species, without any will as such to behave that way, does so, it is because there is an inner call –let's call it that- for survival.

This is similar to the well-known example of certain species that do not reproduce in captivity.

Could it be that it has reached such a point of violence, possession, lying, manipulation, deceit, and betrayal... that the collective consciousness of the species feels in captivity?

And therefore, renounces its stay, renounces its presence, because it does not see, it does not perceive other exits than those already established.

The Prayerful Call also calls us!, to our subconscious, unconscious, collective instance, claiming us... –from our resources, powers, abilities- reclaiming us the consciousness of our origin, the origin in this Universe... and the capability to reference ourselves in the Creative Mystery: that which maintains us, entertains us, makes us remain.

And, based on that reference, the proposals of humanity may be other than the systematic proposal of power, of violence, of challenge, of atrocious radicalism... which, on top of that –on top of their atrocities-, claim a divine filiation.

Is it not perhaps evident, that the filiation towards the Creator Mystery gives us permanently the vibration of care, of help, of surprise, of providence? Of an unapproachable Goodness! And perhaps that is why it is not perceived.

And being "offspring" –so to speak- of superior Goodness; beings that are born in love; having capacities to... not only interact with the environment, but to achieve a coexistence, a relationship, an interaction, a virtuous and solidary participation.

And when this happens –because it happens sometimes, after a great catastrophe- you can see how it is there, that consciousness of goodness beats there. But, when the alarm is over, that consciousness of goodness and solidarity withdraws... and returns for its earnings, its achievements, its belongings, its possessions.

Consequently, one should not invent a new human quality. The resources of what we one day called "the instinct of holiness" are there.

Perhaps, perhaps in the plans of Creation was to go through these continuous and permanent dramas, to realize that this was not our nature, and that we could discover our sources of resources, of care, of help, of sharing, of knowing how to keep intimacy and solidarity... as unitary elements.

At times, it seems impossible; it seems impossible... to change the face of a rhythm of frenetic and desperate permanence.

But the praying person who knows how to go, knows that when he is called to pray, it is to guide him, suggest him, advise him... and make him a participant in the creative nourishment. And, in this way, the being replicates under this consciousness of novelty, of creativity, of play, of participation, of sincerity.

It was interpreted –probably due to our resources, abilities, intelligences and "other arts", let's say-... it was interpreted that, in the same way that we can exercise our dominion over ants, elephants or... or the river flow or any other situation, that was the representation, the equivalent of Creation.

It was interpreted that this is how it was acted, this is how the world was made, this is how the Divine is promoted: punishing the bad and rewarding the good. "Some people" developed that idea; that idea of a punishing, jealous, vengeful, cruel God. In which case, the exercise of power, with its consequent violence, contempt, disdain, control, manipulation, was fully justified. It was to follow God's lead.

Yes. Of a God of storms, lightning, fires, floods, catastrophes, volcanoes, earthquakes!...

These were the interpretative signals that the subject incorporated. And he was aware that he was capable of... –and he was- of creating a great bomb, with a great destruction!; of waging great wars, in the name of Faith, in the name of God... which are still going on today, either with weapons of death or with attitudes of coexistence.

And thus, with this, the species became incapable of contemplating together the beauty, the goods and the gifts that the environment offered, and the intelligent attitude of combining with it and with the species itself. Fracture, individualisation and competition were preferred.

It seems to implore, from the Higher Goodness of the Creator Mystery. It seems to implore, to the conscience of humanity, towards the virtuous resources that made possible –for the human understanding- the appearance of this species; whether it is seen from the solidary point of view of evolution, or from the creationism of, day by day, promoting an Eden for enjoyment, for joy, for complaisance.

Does the Eternal implore us from the Praying Call, to gather our true essences? Is so much Loving Kindness possible? So much? In a species with a precipitous despair?


 And in that yes is... to withdraw in the Faith and in the Instance of Love that each one generates, produces and feels.

So much has been trusted, so much!, on the personal and group capabilities, of getting, of achieving, of reaching... that it has become the model of being and doing... without considering that in such a way, aftermaths, remnants, poverty, misery are left behind...

And the importance of this Sense of Prayerful Call is not... –obviously it is also necessary to gather the history and contemplate it as something "alien" to our presence and action-. But this is not the case. It is rather to warn us of our participation. That plea is heard here and now, and in us. And probably many people will read it, but it will be different.

And that... if it is to be taken as a "privilege", it must not serve to put oneself in charge and in power again, but quite the opposite!: in the service of virtue, to increase solidarity, with rigour! With the rigour of not prostituting oneself, not giving in, not falling into easy justification.

But, with that rigour, not to condemn those who are not in our path; not to accuse them, not to persecute them, not to punish them.

To let him see us, let him contemplate our temperance!, our devotion!, our dedication!




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