The passage of being supposes a novelty, an innovation, in each and every human being.

Novelty and innovation.

This capacity for life... is marked by enthusiasm, discovery, curiosity, learning, pleasure...; discovering oneself daily, and discovering one's surroundings daily, until   –not as an end, but as a beginning- assuming oneself in the heart of an infinite Universe.

Consequently, a trajectory without end or beginning.

And it happens... it happens that, in the course of that journey, oaths, promises, projects... and endless possibilities of consciousness appear that can stagnate, block the evolution towards that fullness of the Universe. Or rather -and that would be its function- to assess -by those promises, by those projects, by those ideals-... assess the form, the way of passing.

And that happens to the extent that we are able to evaluate, value and evolve those promises, those projects, and those ideals... and enrich them with nuances, with conversions, with revisions.

And with fidelity.

Yes. That faith that is placed in different levels of decisions that are taken. And those fidelities enable us to treasure faith, through giving ourselves to the project, to what is promised, to what is idealized.

On the other hand, when the projects, the idea, the dedication, is radicalised it remains “obliged”; it remains under that design called “destiny”, which makes the being ‘unchangeable’. “Unchangeable”: yes; it leans towards repetitive patterns, beyond those necessary for conversion.

The Prayer Call makes us realize that we are beings of the Universe, in continuous and permanent interrelation.

We are porous sponges... that collect and express –in turn- what we are.

Just as, throughout the small history that we know of our presence in this place in the Universe, various fractions of life were incorporated that were configuring our code of possibilities... and that in turn were -and continue- to mutate, seeking precisely that new disposition of being: to configure oneself according to the sensitive, felt, emotional, spiritual! consciousness within the Universe; in the lap of the Creative Mystery: our place of appearance of our eternal existence...

In our awareness of being present, is not due to the act of being born. Before there was a “before”, an “eternal before”, which propelled us at a certain moment to sprout, to manifest.

My date of birth is an appearance, a configuration stay. But before than before than before... of infinities!, I was.

In most cases we will not remember it. But yes, in most cases, in the eagerness to discover ourselves in what we are, we will feel it.

And feeling before my 'birth' projects me towards that Eternity.

And that believing consciousness... does not interfere with any creed, nor with any philosophy, nor with any religion, nor with any doing...

It is not inconvenient. It is the consent of our true and authentic presence, which does not cling to rigidity, but is referenced in an Eternity.

It is similar to realizing -in a very small example, very small!-... to realizing that this or that trend, or this or that eye colour, comes from an ancestor coming from 17th or 18th century...

.- Ah!

It does not come from my date of birth or my gestation period.

What is called today, “inheritance”, takes us to the endless. Not “confines”. Endless. That become limits with the 'knowledge' that we have.

But the sample is worth enough to see that our ancestry-descendants are not fixed, they are not fixed to a date and time.

And this is how our consciousness gives us something more than our physical deductions, data, information...

And this makes us open to an imagination, searching... and to combine possibilities.

“Simultaneous possibilities”; with which, we dilute radicalisms, increase fidelity to what they reveal to us... and we open ourselves towards a serene creative presence.

The species is currently torn between radical nuclei, possessive nuclei, selfish nuclei, power nuclei...

And they recombine... and show us a life of fear, terror, anguish, worry...

Trapped in ever greater complexities of complications...; situations in which 'discoveries' create new difficulties.

The positioning of the species in the hegira of power, dominance, control, manipulation... leads us to a repression of consciousness, a training, and an obedience of life to what at that moment is power, dominance and control, when actually we belong to an Infinite and Creative Universe.

This is how the Prayer Call promotes us towards our nature, which is not a slave to any species, and even less to its own species.

Which is harmony and synchrony with the presence in the Universe.

That is immersed in the mystery of the events of life.

And so, with our consciousness of the Universe, we can realize... that obsessive presence of power, control, dominance, manipulation that a few establish over many others.

The paths of production, profit, abundance... lead the species to control, security, and distrust.

And so, the boundaries appear, the land labelled, the gates, the fences...

And so, given the current situation, it is necessary to respond to the calls that warn us.

They warn us not to fall into facilitation, into dependence, into meaningless but beneficial obedience, into the control and hegemony of egocentrism, into the proprietary mania of preponderance…

All of this is the breeding ground for egoism and idolatry, which causes us to generate a climate of distrust.

And, consequently, a climate of prejudice, which is the breeding ground for discussion.

And from there, to violence... in its many forms.




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