Variables, routine



When we contemplate the passing of life, in its biodiversity, we notice very different!… behaviours, very complex relations, many infinite connections… and never ending questions.

It’s certain that we appreciate the cycles and rhythms that have… each year -to put a reference- they are very similar… Not, the same.

This is of special significance in the prayer of today: “not the same”.

Like this is how the Creative Universe presents itself as…, "Variable”. There is a pluripotent variable, of variables; that, while it’s true that in some cases -those which are more in our reach- they seem to repeat. When we appreciate them with pulchritude we discover that they are distinct.

Variables and variables… raised to the power of infinite.

If we study thoroughly –up to where we can perceive- in our Universe we notice that the variables are even more surprising; and we study mysterious variables, like could be the dark matter or the dark energy.


If life, -amongst other things, as well as its mutations- was carved… like a sculptured work of art, based on co-operations, exchanges, relations… all of this supposed variables. And we say “supposed” because, little by little, with the development of the capacities of the humanity, it converted –and this fact is important to take into account in the everyday life behaviour-, it converted the cyclic, the variable, the curved!… into a ruler, in a line, in a process where man insisted –and insists- in maintaining it ridged, invariable!

And, for this, he establishes the… “Routine”. Which seems like the name of a hormone: “the routine”. And it acts as such!: “routinely we do this, we do that”… And it seems as if the routine marks, from our genes to our voice, passing by our food or whatever other element.

And routinely weconsent to… to live in one way, to moralize in another, to articulate… and, except for obliged changes –very much obliged!-, for circumstances that humanity itself creates, the routine converts into law, into a last, into the norm, into the article…

We legislate ourselves -and the humanity makes justice- based on the routine. The moral moralizes, and the morals groups together like scared reptiles, so as not to permit anything more than… what has been “routinely” established. And, I insist, except for the needs of the routine itself to be able to continue being routine, -“needs of the routine itself to be able to continue being routine”-, the imposition of options restricts the creativity, the improvisation, the free expression of the resources and… the imagination that everybody could gestate.

“No!, Here the customs are…” “No!, Here what we do is…” “No…”

Always with a: “no” in front.

The Creation is distinct and variable in each fraction of its own Creation. It doesn’t follow any routine! It isn’t tied to anything! It looks for the best tide to come closer, like the waves on the shore: never, never! -As if it was a measure- one wave is the same as the other. It seems like a routine!, the way the waves come to the shore. Ay!, but, in observing them, they have nothing of routine.

But certainly, the habit… ends up being the death. Yes; because it doesn’t renovate! –In relation to the year of the ‘renovation’-; it doesn’t re-arrange! –Without that it falls into the comfort-; it doesn’t position itself in a different way, but it does things in the way of a… disciplined routine.

If… –take a good look- if our organs -that sustain us in the abdomen and the thorax- acted routinely, we could only eat broccoli.-And I’m sorry, but… we have to get rid of this routine mania against broccoli-. Yes; because it turns out that our digestive system takes into account infinite variables: from Charlie Chaplin’s shoe sole, up to… up to the broccoli; including onions, garlic, parsley, sirloin steak, gilt-head bream, lobster…; coffee, alcohol, spirits…

Take a look at the variables that can be introduced into a menu!, a simple menu! If it was constant, if it was simply really a law, our feeding capacity would be restricted to a thin range! And no! No. We are capable of having a morning buffet based on caviar, melon, lobster with eggs, and some pancakes with honey and blackcurrant marmalade, to begin with; and, later, two fried eggs with frankfurters, and varied fruit juices of papaya and orange, and later a good Kenyan coffee.

A good breakfast like God intended! We don’t know when God ordered this breakfast!, but it’s what the dieticians say: “you have to have a strong breakfast!, because a heavy day is coming, and because we come from many hours, many!… -well, “some”-, without eating.

Some nostalgic people add -above all with the caviar- champagne. And like this the breakfast is complete -as you see, without broccoli-.

They are variables! Variables that… don’t speak about routine, because it could be that other groups of humans take breakfast so thriftily, that it could be a comet, fssssss!...

-And him…?

-No, not today!, not today.

-Ah! Not today.

Or him who follows the routine:

-No, me in the morning, only coffee and a shot of spirits.

Well, don’t take him out of there, because if not, it seems as if he will die. How boring!

And we ask ourselves:

-Hey, life is boring? Boring? Or it becomes boring based on the routine… which absolutely inhibits life?

Well, and when it comes to lunchtime –right?- What can we say? In reality we were with the organs –aside from the variability of the menu-. And, of course, each time that we submit them to variables in our food, let’s say “according to the season”, it happens that our spleen, our pancreas, our liver, our esophagus, our stomach… behaves in a variable way. The gastric mucus doesn’t react in the same way when we drink sulfuric acid as to when we drink tiger nut milk, right? It puts them together in a different way. Or when we eat, instead of one olive –“one olive!” as said the tradition-, or we eat thirty six fat ones including the stone. So, of course, the stomach reacts in a different way; the pancreas as well, the liver as well, the gall bladder as well, the blood system as well, the brain –that is already full with phosphorous- as well… Also we introduce variables, raised to the infinite power.

Without doubt, in our thorax we don’t breathe 60 or 70 breaths in each minute, second, quarter or half. No, no!, But, we adjust the breathing according to the… inclemency of the weather, to the gymnastic table, to the sedentary lifestyle… and like this we breathe with more ‘profusion’ than less. And what can you say about the emperor, the heart? Uf, uf!, a sexual fantasy makes it race! -more than running a marathon-; but, other times, a complacent smile or a shared pleasure, puts it like a butterfly, and it seems… like a sponge that absorbs and wrings out; absorb and wrings out… soft!...

-But this is the same heart that a while ago climbed and came down from the chapel, and has elevated to the Heaven?

-The same!

-But before it went at 110, even 130.

-Yes! But!

Because of the demands, the “routines”… -maybe- it can be done thanks to… to the quantity of variables.

Well, it turns out that our composition is not of routine.

And so, why is there so much eagerness for the routine?... Could it be because of the “well-being” could it be for the comfort? Could it be for the “use and throw away”…?


Surely, because… the routine –that is now demanded as something necessary-, the routine permits greater control –much greater control-, greater vigilance, it gives more security –no comment-, it helps with the manipulation, it facilitates the dominion…

Of course!, these things aren’t usually said!, but they speak about ‘quality of life’, ‘security’, ‘well-being’, ‘comfort’ and etc. etc.


And if you take a look, in the routines they –obviously- need production lines, which needs a factory, that needs a production… little by little the being accumulates movements, attitudes and even routine gestures.

Take a look! We’ll give you a worldwide example, -worldwide, eh? Worldwide!-; worldwide of the species, that isn’t so worldwide… -You don’t have to smile-. Well, the worldwide example is the following:

As you know, there is a French president, -as it is a French republic, right?-, who’s called “Mr. Holland”. Ok?... ok! Up to there everything is normal -the same as we have our Spanish head of government called “Mariano”-.

Seems… Seems similar, but no, it’s not the same, eh? It’s very different, eh?; -really!, seriously-. Ok! Up to there everything normal, -everything normal, everything normal-.

So, Mr. Holland, well, has a series of activities as president of the French government, like visiting, greeting, receiving ambassadors, meeting with economic agents… and also, well, make a small natural campaign of being… with the rabble!

“The rabble”: that’s to say those who aren’t even people, ok?

So, he bathes himself in the multitudes and so forth. And also, also -you don’t have to forget the youth-… he visits some schools, -for example- so that the children know their president… and above all so that the teachers know their president. And behold, behold! –here comes the partial universal example, of course, partial because it is only of this species-, behold that Mr. Holland, in a display of naturalness, well, pulled a face of… well, like the faces we pull when we play with children, right?: “buaaaa, ohhh, iiiiii”; a clowns face, a face of… well… of an adult when suddenly comes out the child in him! He comes out of the “routine” -the hormonal secretion of the routine goes down- and he pulls a “stupid face” –we could say it like this, in slang, so that we understand-. Well, immediately –of course, the photographers always accompany the president- immediately they took pictures and published them, in principle, without a great significance. But immediately! –That yes: after all of the world saw the picture; but in a little time, eh!- the press agencies “Reuters” and the “French press agency” –the two most important in France- prohibited the photo! –Take a look!-; they closed them down.

Of course! Already the entire world had a copy. Rapidly, right? And simply you see the face of this man, well, pulling a face like, “strange”, typical of the relations with children or… of joking or… -well!, the circumstances in which they were-. The fact is that the man came out of the routine; and a photo was confiscated in the country of “liberty, equality and fraternity”, in the democracies.

What is that!? A reformatory? What is that? A real prison, where you can’t smile or clown around, because you come out of the obliged routine that corresponds to each clan, to each class or to each society…?


Of course!, we could ignore the news and not give it importance. And say: “bah!, absurdities of the radio”. Yes, but… no, no! It is important.


The routine!... And for this purpose we remember another French example, in which…

I believe almost all have heard of Charles de Gaulle, “president of the French republic” –oui-. That man was who led the rebellion or the French resistance -during the invasion of the arrogant Germany- and later became president. He was a tall man!, very tall! –Well!, he looked like he played in the NBA-. And he had a large nose! Enormous! And he was… a General! A military man! And, as you know, they like discipline, they like order, they like routine!

Ok, in hishonour, we remember a small story: he was in his car, going towards the Elysee palace –the official residence of the presidents of the French republic- and he saw some children –some children!- who were protesting and demonstrating –but children, eh?- against the teacher, against something -“something” that the children didn’t want-. And so, he stopped –he ordered the chauffeur to stop… “Stop, stop!”-, he got out of the car and began to protest with the children. He didn’t know what they were protesting about, but it didn’t matter: you have to protest…

The children were a little shocked, -of course-, to see such a large thing… “Alee, alee, alee, continue… alee!, vive la France!, vive la France!…” and nothing, he urged them on; and, of course, the children saw a large man, who seemed like a French Father Christmas, and they were more encouraged, right? The terror of the teachers, in seeing that the president himself protested!… he didn’t know what the protest was, but he wanted to induce the children to manifest their likes or dislikes –in this case their dislikes-. And well, he greeted everybody, and after, he got in his car and he left.

He came out of the routine!... -something difficult for a person of his “stature!”, –never better said-.

But… this is a “problem”, of our social consciousness, in our consciousness… obviously, these exits from the routine are consented to the famous, to the important ones, and… but to those who aren’t so important or so famous, to them not so much is consented; because the routine, and the order, the law, has to be complied with.

So much so that… if you ask “Tongo” or “Burundanga”, for example:

-Hey, Tongo, do you remember that “yesterday”, when I met you, right?, when we played basketball and we had a scuffle?

-Yes, of course!... papi, of course

-Ok, Tongo, do you remember that you insulted me? You remember?

-What I insulted you? Eeee… yes!, yes!

-That scuffle was famous, because everybody was there, ah, ah, ah, ah!…

-Yes… yes...

-Hey, do you know why, why, why you poked me in the ribs with your elbow…?Really!... they are punches that hurt a lot.

It’s typical in boxing matches, when there is a “clinch”, to punch the other in the ribs; because you punch, and punch –the hardest possible, of course-, and little by little the breathing is undermined, until the moment arrives when he almost can’t breathe, the ideal moment that he drops his guard and you sock it to him and “knock out”. -Ok, it’s boxing slang-.

The fact is that… they give you a routine explanation, but they don’t tell you…

Because you want to clear up things, you want to know what happened!...

No!: “The routine, what does it say?”

Well. Not even -not even!-… Ay!, how expensive is the truth, very expensive! There isn’t anyone who can buy it!…

This is why it is “the truth”.

Ok, the fact is that, when now the historic memories become the fashion, and we are going to know what happened and how, the routine of what was said in the moment stays imprinted in a cloud of answers… that you don’t know. You stay… obsoletely… disqualified. Routinely disqualified. It doesn’t have any value! And when you try to find out the why and how, inside this routine, they even answer you like this:

-But this doesn’t have value!, it has no value! That no…

-Yes, but…, it has no value, but it has conditioned a behavior! It has conditioned an answer!

It is not a question of if it has value or not, I have to know this incident! If I know the incidence of a specific event in the structure of the being!, I can explain why his back hurts!!

-And this happened three or four years ago…!

Yes!, yes, yes. But if I know how it happened and why it happened, -as a variable- and what was its significance, and its true value!, I can understand why the back pain continues! If I leave it in the routine of“it doesn’t have any importance; in the end, it happened a long time ago”…

Yes! It happened a long time ago, that’s true!, but that being was left traumatized; the other one, was left useless; the other one was left depressed; the other one destroyed. And when we want to see, they send us the routine, they send us to the absurd…

-Ah!, it was absurd! It’s not important!

-Yes, but you hit me in the ribs in such a way -right?- that I was breathing through my ear for one week. So, to breathe through the ear… which looks like a lung, yes, but, hey, it’s difficult, eh? Until you convert the ears in alveolus, really… No. That had its significance. What’s more!, I felt you as a friend, and with those punches, shit! Now… it’s difficult. I would like that you explain to me, that you tell me how… as the song said: “I don’t know, I don’t know how to tell you what happened”…

Ok. The fact, the fact is that… the routine envelops us, like how a spider does with its prey, with the fine and lined pretension to immobilize –and it surely does- its prey, so that later it can digest it little by little, in pieces. It has a system of conservation, like a fridge, and always, has there, resources, right?

-Ah!, the fridge…?


-What happens with the fridge? Ah, of course! Now we have the fridge, well it seems as if we can’t live without the fridge. And so, of course, everything is conserved


-And when it is outside of the fridge, it spoils

–Ahhhhh! So, this is a routine?


-So, are we all conserved…?






-And the heat…? The global warming? All of that? what?

-No, no! That… spoils everything. That spoils everything.

-Ah, yes?

-Yes. You have to be frozen.


That of putting passion, illusion, creativity, novelty… no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!…

Ay!... you could describe the history of the humanity through the joining together of fragments of songs; a strange genome of sounds, of words… with very few variables.


If the Divine is permanently variable…; being, as well, invariable: that seems like it doesn’t vary! But it seems like it doesn’t vary, in its immense grandness. The same like it seems that the earth doesn’t move; the same as it seems that we travel around the sun…

“It seems”. It seems!

When we acquire the consciousness of our being, of our knowledge, it is necessary in the “order” of the Creation, in the “order” of the evolution, that the routine renews; the routine becomes creative; the routine promotes other perspectives.

Like this the being renews, regenerates, re-adapts; becomes so complex that… he has resources to open up each time to new dimensions and more variables.


In the amplified sense of the consciousness, when we are in the disposition to be testimony of the Creation, -“In the amplified sense of the consciousness, when we are in the disposition to be testimony of the Creation”- the routine is an unnecessary risk. And, the original, the novelty of each one, the particularity… should flower! And, as a consequence, assemble itself. Yes; assemble this with the other, and they create! –They create- they create new configurations. Of course! New… versions.


Although the river follows its course, it always has variables according to the rain.


The Creation envelops us in… ‘Unique’, to each being, and connects us so that we can recreate in novel worlds. We count on the arm of the Divine to be able to vibrate, and respond, in accord with what we have as a design; to what we are as… a necessity of species!

Like this we are in “quality” of life.

When we enter into the secure… and the comfortable routine, we enter into the ruin of life! In the “charity” of life; not in the quality.


Make, of the imposed routines, self-imposed! Untaxed laws and orders… to enter into a sincere flow of what each one experiments, and discovering what he really thinks that he has to realize –or ought to-, is a daily life doing.

It is what gives… the variable of each day!

It is what ‘humourises’ us.

It is what makes us feel… in the perpetual Creation without time; without scrapes; of the complacent softness. 



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